How I Used Scholarships to Become a Dancer

It seems like yesterday I was taking part in dance recitals and performing with all my friends. My parents put me in dance school when I was only 5 years old, and I never got tired of learning from my teachers. I stayed with the same dance school through high school, earning my 15 year trophy as a result. The problem I had was all I wanted to do was dance, and high school was not giving me the education I needed to further that career.

I used to excel at dance school, usually the first one to the school and the last one to leave. One year we had a famous teacher from New York join our school, and I quickly took to her. She took us on a class trip to see the Rockettes, and I was hooked. I asked her how could I possibly get to that point when right after high school I was not even sure where to go. She pointed me in the direction of some schools, but the annual tuition was extremely out of my range.

I was not going to let the price of school keep me from perusing my passion, but I had to be realistic. Unless someone was going to pay for my schooling, I would be finished after high school. Luckily for me my dance teacher told me about dance scholarships and how the top prize was more than enough to pay for my first year tuition. I gathered all the information I could and studied exactly what was needed to be able to take part in the scholarship program.

I remember back then realizing this was my only chance at getting to my dream, so i used to ask everyone and anyone for help. I was consumed with winning those scholarships that I began to realize that I had in fact already won. I used to convince myself I already won to help take off all that pressure of losing out on my dream. The amazing thing about these scholarships is there are so many. Generous people from around the country make these scholarships possible, and I was going to use that money to get a degree, get formal training, and skyrocket my career by dancing on the biggest stage of them all in New York City.

If it had not been for my dance teacher telling me about the vast dance scholarships available, my dream may have died soon after high school.

Making A Better Life For Myself

When I was young I used to think that getting out of high school would be good enough. I used to believe that settling for a minimum wage job would be okay because that was what my parents and grandparents had done. None of my relatives had gotten a degree for themselves, and I didn’t plan to, either. But, my mind was changed one day when I realized just what my life would be if I didn’t change things. I started seeing everything in a new light when my parents’ house was taken from them because they couldn’t pay their bills. I started to realize that maybe this wasn’t the best life for me, and that maybe I should be striving for something better than the generations before me had. And, so that’s what I did.

I started focusing on my studies like never before. I started to strive for something greater. I didn’t want to follow in my parents and grandparents’ footsteps, and for the first time in my life I realized that I didn’t have to.

I am so excited to one day get my degree. I am looking forward to getting a good job and making a better life for myself.

Nothing Can Take The Place of A Quality Education

I have just made an important decision in my life. After working as a retail clerk in a store for five years, I have decided to go back to school to study retail management. I worked full time straight out of high school because I wanted to get a jump start in becoming independent. My job in the retail store was enough to pay the bills, but I could not get ahead. I tried to apply for a promotion, but because I was lacking a college education, I did not qualify for many jobs.

That was when I started to re-evaluate my life. Even though I had a steady income, I knew that if I did not get a better education, I would be stuck in the same job with no future. I liked working in retail, but I was only qualified to work at a clerk’s level. In order to advance to a manager level job, I needed a college degree.

At first, I thought that I would have to sacrifice my day job to go back to school. However, I could not afford to quit my job to go back to school full time. I was looking for a way to work and go to school at the same time. If I continue to work, I have the option to take classes at night or to apply to an online degree program.

I found programs in many reputable education institutions. I wanted to find a program that would be flexible enough for me to work around my work schedule. I know that working and going to school will be tough, but I am determined to improve my life. I am ready to make the commitment.

When I earn my degree in retail management, I have strong hopes that many doors will open up for me. I will qualify for many management level jobs in retail that I currently do not qualify for. Things will change for me. I think my education combined with my first-hand retail experience will make me well-qualified to be a retail manager.

My family is supportive of my decision 100%. They wonder why I waited this long to go back to school. I told them that the work experience I gained is a good complement to my studies in retail management. I have no regrets about that at all, and I look forward to improving my education.

This Degree is Going to Change Me

When I first started going to school I was doing it just to please my parents. I knew that it would make my mom and dad happy if I continued my education. Over time, though, my schooling has become about me. I am very excited for the many ways that my schooling is changing me. I am excited for the way that my future is going to be brighter. I am excited to find myself growing and changing. I am very excited and anxious to see just how my degree and my education is going to lead me be a better version of myself.

Continuing my push toward a higher education is going to help me become a better person, but it is also going to help me be more successful in life. Continuing my education and earning a degree will help me be better at the work that I do. When I am better at the work that I do I know that this will lead me to earn a greater salary. I can use the extra money that I earn toward whatever I want to spend it on, and I am excited to see just where this leads. I know that my degree will be a big part of a new life for me.

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